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Teapot DIY Bling

by Moi

I work from home, and sometimes I get a bit of writer’s block combined with some desk fatigue. Last week the days started turning cooler, and instead of a single cup of tea I decided to make a pot of tea… and realized my teapot needed a bit of bling!

 1 glass teapot with a metal lid

glass teapot with metal lid

3 nail polishes on my shelf

nail polish bling

lid with 2 coats of OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay

lid with OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay

lid with 1 coat Sally Hanson Golden Rule

lid with Sally Hanson Golden Rule

lid with 1 coat Revlon Clear nailpolish

lid with Revlon Clear nailpolish

et Voila! A teapot with bling! I love this teapot because the glass pot can go in the microwave, and the metal strainer and lid are so pretty. And with blue and gold bling I love my teapot even more!

tip: the metal tea strainer and lid canNOT go in the micro!

September 21, 2014   No Comments

the book is now a movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey

by Moi

The Hundred-Foot Journey

A while back I shared how much I LOVED the book The Hundred-Foot Journey – A Novel by Richard C. Morais. The book shares the story of a young Indian boy and his extended family of restaurateurs in Mumbai who move travel first to southeastern France, where he ends up in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

I also mentioned there was a chance the book would be made into a movie…

The Hundred-Foot JourneyLast weekend I saw the movie trailer for The Hundred-Foot Journey: starring Helen Mirren and produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

Before this movie is released READ THE BOOK: you won’t regret it, and I promise you too will fall in love with the colors, tastes and smells of Indian and French food.

Then, head to the movies for the August 2014 release.

Here’s a peak at The Hundred-Foot Journey trailer:


June 13, 2014   No Comments

Easy, Refreshing Fruit Flavored Water

by Moi

strawberry waterI didn’t know this was a tip until someone saw me drinking my morning water, and thought I had a genius idea! So today I’m sharing it with you!

I love strawberries, and happily they’re now inexpensive and available year round. I buy local strawberries when they’re in season: but when they’re not, I buy whatever strawberries are at the grocery.

I typically buy 1-2 cartons of fresh strawberries per week, and I use strawberries in my morning smoothie or yogurt, and in salads, homemade ice cream, and sometimes I just like to eat strawberries.

When I buy them, I leave them in the plastic carton but wash and dry them as soon as I get home for the grocery, then put them in the fridge in their plastic container. When I make something using strawberries, I grab a knife and trim the tops off, then slice or quarter the strawberries as needed.

Here’s my fresh, healthy, free and easy flavored water tip:

Keep you water glass next to where you prep your strawberries, and as you trim the tops, discard the tops into your water glass. Either fill with water and drink immediately, or put your water glass in the freezer, and use the frozen strawberry tops and  chilled glass the next time you want a glass of water.

The red and green strawberry toppers are so pretty in a clear glass!

strawberry toppers for flavored water

Sure, I could prepare a pitcher of healthy and delicious fruit flavored water with lemons, limes, cucumber or mint. But I never do. My strawberry tops give my water a bit of flavor, and its easy, healthy, fast and free! Who knew?

bonus tip:  Strawberry tops are delicious in my Crystal Light Lemonade, which I’m drinking in the photo above!



June 6, 2014   2 Comments

Seashell DIY: Place Card Holders

by Moi

I love collecting seashells, but what I really like to do is incorporate seashells into my decor: I love the touch of nature they bring, and the memories they hold!

DIY seashell craft place card holder

I’ve visited Sanibel Island in Florida several times, where I perfected the Sanibel stoop: walking along the shore bent over, searching for the perfect seashell to add to your collection. In Sanibel I found an assortment of conch and whelks – being careful not to take live shells – which are both beautiful, and can be made into decorative and useful gifts.

Here’s my latest DIY seashell craft project: place card holders – which can be used for more than place cards.

Read all about seashell DIY place card holders on my post on MumRx

May 26, 2014   1 Comment

Customizable Hanging Closet Organizer

by Moi

Real Simple Closet OrganizerWhen renting an apartment, closets can be a major hassle. You need to maximize closet storage and organization, but who wants to invest in expensive closet organization systems in a rental?

I just moved to a new apartment, and the closets are very different from my last apartment. So off I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, with a list of closet measurements and a closet floor piled with clothes.

And I discovered a Real Simple Solution.

I’m  a huge fan of hanging sweater organizers: I use them instead of dresser drawers for underwear, socks, shoes, purses, workout clothes, scarves, and even a few sweaters! But my new closets have a 2-tier wire shelving system designed for shirts, folded pants and jackets: only 37″ hanging space. Sure I could spend a few hundred dollars on having the handyman buy and install new shelves, but I was hoping I could buy some sort of stacking baskets to hold all my stuff. Or that maybe someone had finally invented shorter hanging sweater organizers: they’re usually about 50″ long. I could cut the bottoms off, but…

Score! Real Simple has designed a hanging 6-shelf sweater organizer that can be used full-length 57″, or converted to two side-by-side hanging 27″ hanging organizers.

Here’s a link to a video that shows you how the convertible organizer works, and some great ideas to use it in your home:

Closet Organizer

Real Simple Convertible Hanging Sweater Organizer


  • converts from a single 57″ length to two 27″ length organizers via velcro wrap hinges
  • side pockets snuggly hold big or small items
  • deep and strong enough to hold jeans, toys, books, or household supplies


  • the velcro hanging wrap is too wide for the brackets that support metal shelves: I had to scrunch the wraps to squeeze them between the brackets: I’d prefer wire hanger hooks

Real Simple 6-Shelf Convertible Hanging Organizer: $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

 I’m Shopping Now!

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New Frozen Snack: Outshine Fruit Bars

by Moi

Outshine Fruit BarsI just discovered a new healthy sweet snack: Outshine Fruit Bars.

Perfect for the warm weather ahead, instead of grabbing a high calorie ice cream bar (Yes, I’ll still have moi favorite Magnum bars, just not as often!) Outshine Fruit Bars are a frozen healthy snack for adults and kids. Made with real fruit and fruit juices, they come in 3 types, and a variety of flavors:

  • Fruit Bars in 11 exotic flavors such as creamy coconut, lemon, tangerine, and pomegranate
  • Fruit and Veggie Bars in 5 flavors including tangerine carrot and apple and greens
  • Coconut Waters Bars in banana and pineapple

The Details:Outshine Fruit Bars

  • Outshine Fruit Bars
  • sold in grocery stores nationwide
  • sold in single flavor or variety packs
  • $2.99 at WalMart
  • 80 calories per bar

I’m Shopping Now!

April 22, 2014   2 Comments

Pastel Nails for Easter

by Moi

I was shopping at my favorite Ricky’s NYC, and at the checkout counter I made an impulse purchase: Essie’s Meet the Parents.

I’m not a huge fan of blue, yellow, purple, green nail polishes: but this pretty light blue polish from the  Essie Spring 2014 Wedding Collection caught my eye: and went right into my bag.

I bought a sapphire blue polish from OPI for the Christmas holidays, I just didn’t love it: it chipped too soon and was messy to put on.

But with Spring finally showing up, I decided to give the pretty blue a chance. Here’s what happened:

Essie meet the parents: pastel nails for Easter

What, you think those nails look a little chipped? That’s day 8 of Meet the Parents, right after another shower. My polish never lasts 8 days. And while no one like chips or fading polish, the white tips look a bit like a French Polish. Do I love the blue? No, but I like it.

So I went back to Ricky’s and bought Essie’s Topless and Barefoot. I wanted a little more of a vanilla color, but this was the closest I could find. This photo is day 5. Today I’m on day 8, and I don’t need to change polish yet!

Essie Topless and Barefoot Pastel Nails for Easter

Who knew: Essie nail polish is moi new favorite! Put some Essie pastel nail polish in the Easter basket of one of your favorite girls!

The Details:

  • Essie Nail Collection
  • drugstores and beauty stores everywhere
  • around $8.50

April 17, 2014   3 Comments

TodayTix: New App to Buy Discount Broadway Tickets

by Moi

TodayTix app for Broadway ticketsI’m sure someone thought of it before, but I don’t know why there hasn’t been an app for discount Broadway tickets: until now.

TodayTix is a free app created by Broadway producers to buy discount theater tickets in New York City for today and this week.

Living in NYC, I want to attend Broadway shows, and my guests always want to head to the latest Broadway hit. But attending a Broadway show is like being on an airline flight: why did you pay full fare, when the person next to you paid half-price?

There are options for getting discount Broadway show tickets in NYC:

  • stand for hours at the TKTS discount booth in Times Square: and not know until you get to the window if your show is still available!
  • go to the discount ticket websites and click around until you find something you’re interested in, then add up all the fees, and finally head to the theatre to pick up your tickets.
  • try ticket wholesalers like HubStub and see what’s available

I live in NYC, and while I sure don’t want to pay full price for Broadway tickets, I also don’t have hours to wait on line or hours to spend at my laptop searching the best discount deal.

The Solution?

TodayTix Last Minute and Discount Broadway Tickets

  1. Download the free iOS appTodayTix app for Broadway tickets
  2. Scan the tickets available today or this week, at discount or full price
    1. filter options for show type, price, location and day
  3. Order and pay for tickets directly from the app
    1. take a photo of your credit card to pay
  4. Congierce Service: Tickets can be delivered to you outside the theatre

Fees: Of course there is a fee for purchasing Broadway tickets from TodayTix, and a fee if you opt for hand delivery of tickets

The Details:

  • Free TodayTix app from Apple
  • Discount and full price Broadway tickets for today or this week
  • $5 surcharge on all tickets
  • Concierge Fee $5 for tickets delivered to you 30 minutes before show, outside theatre
  • Email, Twitter, Facebook and more sign up for special discounts and promotions

I’m Shopping Now!


April 7, 2014   2 Comments

Liquid Bandage

by Moi

I was chopping up some leftovers to make a salad, and took a good slice out of my pointer finger with a very sharp knife. A wad of paper towels followed by a couple very tight bandages stopped the bleeding. But not only were the bulky bandages hard to type with, but when I clicked too hard the blood gushed again. I probably needed a stitch or two, but that wasn’t happening…

I was with a friend at CVS, looking at buying more bandages, and she suggested I try a liquid bandage. I kept forgetting to try Super Glue, which would have closed the slice, so a liquid bandage sounded perfect: plus antiseptic benefits. We were in CVS, so I bought the CVS generic Liquid Bandage.

Liquid Bandage

CVS Liquid Bandage

  • invisible, waterproofliquid bandage and finger
  • flexible
  • antiseptic
  • only $5.49

I washed my hands, applied a light coating over the cut, let dry about 5 minutes, then applied a 2nd coat. The next morning, another coat. Day 3: a 4th coat.

The results?

So far: it’s invisible, no more bleeding, no pain and it didn’t fall off in the shower, get dirty or turn gray.

I’m sold: invisible bandage is the way to go!

March 28, 2014   2 Comments

Repurpose Chic: My LV Kindle Cover

by Moi

I’m a collector by nature: once I have it, I don’t like to get rid of it. I don’t know why I want it  but I want it. Luckily this comes in handy when I’m looking for a solution to a problem.

For Christmas I was happy to get the Kindle PaperWhite. My 1st Kindle cracked during my recent move back to NYC, so I was happy for the chance to upgrade and the PaperWhite was exactly what I needed. Then last week I was flying for the 1st time with my new Kindle, and realized I hadn’t bought a cover for my Kindle yet. It was going to be in my purse, but I was worried that the screen would get scratched. Dilemma…

Kindle with Louis Vuitton cover

Looking in my closet I came across an old LV box that once held my Louis Vuitton wallet (a Christmas gift a few years back.) Thinking quickly, I opened the box to see if I’d kept the cloth wallet bag: of course I did!

Score: the LV cloth wallet bag is the perfect for my new Kindle:

  • its the right size
  • its lightweight, which is
  • it says Louis Vuitton
  • the case can also wipe the screen of my Kindle when it gets dusty or fingerprinty or I drizzle wine or chai latte.

I love repurposing my keepsakes with new uses! A few years ago I repurposed my white Chanel sunglass case into a carrying case for my cords and essentials when I travel – and I’d previously repurposed that same white Chanel sunglass case into a chic evening bag that held my mobile, sunglasses and wallet.

Chanel sunglass case charger kit

Chanel sunglass case charger kit

I repurposed a gorgeous silver cigarette case I bought when we lived in Denmark into a chic wallet.

silver cigarette case wallet

silver cigarette case wallet

I repurposed a winebox from a visit to Île de , France, into a magazine holder.

winebox magazine caddy

winebox magazine caddy

Do you repurpose your keepsakes? I’d love to hear your ideas!


February 2, 2014   4 Comments